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Swimming Pool Remodel – Spa Remodel – LED Lighting – Structural Crack Repairs – New Tile – Agoura Ca #7819

Massive Crack Repaired – Steel Added – LED Lights – New Tile – Amazing Results

After the inspection of clients pool, i found the main structural crack would need more than steel staples. crack across the pool width of pool,  was worst crack i have seen. we jackhammered out approx.  40 Ft long 2ft wide all the way down to dirt floor. we found steel in pool was not sufficient to hold the weight of the water it was supposed to hold. we added more steel across the 2 Ft wide section. we dowelled in steel with epoxy and wrapped our bar around existing steel for extra support. we found another 150 Ft of cracks that we were able to staple with re bar. they were not severe. as we were working  we found several old repairs  by other companies that were insufficient to hold the structure together. we tiled and added stone panels to give pool a modern look. i recommended a fiberglass finish to give an extra layer of protection from movement.last we added color l.e.d. lights for a impressive night view.



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