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Swimming Pool And Spa Remodel – New Tile – New Coping – Calcium Removal – Thousand Oaks, Ca #112


When we came out to look at this pool, we found poured in place coping with steel re bar rusting through top of coping cracks. also found no water line tile only eye sore calcified pebble finish at water line. i suggested we demo all poured in place coping and install natural stone with the orange and brown colors that match her house, bbq, and patio area. we also suggested installing water line tile that would serve the purpose of keeping there pebble finish (saving cost of re plastering) and help guard against calcium in the future.

There are endless possibilities for adding extras when remodeling your swimming pool.

When you include additional features to your swimming pool area, you are enhancing and customizing your backyard environment. Remember – even the smallest changes can make a difference with a pool remodel. Not only will these features add enjoyment to your swimming pool experience, but can also possibly add value to your home.

There are a number of water features that you can add to a swimming pool area during a pool remodel that can enhance the entire backyard environment. A water feature allows you to enjoy the soothing sound and shimmering sight of falling water.

One of the best pool area remodeling projects to promote health and wellness is the addition of a spa. Hydrotherapy, or warm water therapy in hot tub, consists of three main healing ingredients; heat, buoyancy, and massage. Together, they create an experience that is both relaxing and healthy. Hot tub hydrotherapy on a regular basis provides physical health benefits that go much deeper than just relaxation and pleasure.

Water is so pure and simple, yet it can do the most amazing things. Whether you are experiencing joint or muscle pain, having trouble sleeping, or are just plain stressed out, spending time in spas can provide therapeutic benefits for just about everyone.




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