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Add Spa to Existing Pool – Pool Remodel – Deck Jets – Automated Pool Equipment – Simi Valley, Ca #2271

This terrific backyard pool had a slew of issues and needed some serious T.L.C. –

The plumbing was entirely copper from the 1960’s, and leaked in a dozen places. We added new pvc plumbing and installed, a new Skimmer, a New Sweep Line, New Return Jets, and a Pebble Finish throughout. They also felt they would derive substantial financial benefits by adding new highly efficient Pool Equipment at the same time. The owner had also decided to add a Spa to the existing pool. Lastly they were thrilled when I suggested adding Deck Jets and Pool and Spa Automation. (IAqualink – complete pool and spa automation using an application on your phone, laptop, or desktop computers.

Video #21 explains iAqualink installation


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